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>> public spaces/cultural hotspots #1

Posted by The Wardrobe Planner on January 30, 2008

A new huge space has opened in Paris only a few weeks ago, that promises to become a major cultural hotspot for the city, and one of the main ones in Europe.

Centquatre (104) is yet another conversion of a public space into an artistic project and boasts 26,000 m2 of art galleries, ateliers, two perfomance theatres, featuring 200 resident artists.

the 104 logo

Hosted in the former Municipal Undertaking Service headquarters, 104 is the latest addiction to an impressive series of projects that in the past years have succeeded to create exciting new performing arts and cultural centres all over Europe.

The plan was set about by Bertrand Delanoe, mayor of Paris, and Christophe Girard, of the Paris Arts Council, and artists Robert Cantarella and Frederic Fisbach have been appointed as directors.

The official 104 website doesn’t say much yet about future projects, activities or exhibitions, so we’ll eagerly wait to hear more about this promising initiative.

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